Luc- meaning light and -Arium meaning place of, so it means place of light. This is Lucarium; the light to new discoveries in sounds which is initiated by producer Luc Poublon. Luc who is a dj and a well known dance producer has collaberated with many different musicians, songwriters and producers over the years. He likes to combined different talents and try to create a new and dynamic commercial sound. So far he has mixed within this project pop with dance music and have put raw soul, RnB and hip hop over it. His intention is to create a commercial pop track, every release with different members. Every release is of course packed with a lot of dance mixes!


Piece Of Art (Acoustic Mix)
Music & Lyrics by Daisy Cools
Produced by Luc Poublon
Vocals by Daisy Cools
Bass & Guitar by Agnes Bronswijk
Hammond Synth by Mike Onyango

Bring Your Lovin’ Down (Radio Edit)
Music written by Luc Poublon & Tevin Babel
Lyrics by Nacio Conor
Produced by Luc Poublon
Vocals by Francis van Beek & Nacio Conor